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About eeBoo...  eeBoo specializes in useful, beautiful and well-made educational games and gifts. eeBoo creates refreshing toys and gifts that are 100% original with artwork from well-known and well-loved children’s book illustrators. Everything is meant for wholesome individual or family play. Many of the games and activities are based on old-fashioned formats which eeBoo re-invents with cheerful artwork and contemporary design. Literacy, story telling, drawing, imaginative play and basic math are among the skills that eeBoo products encourage. A good share of the eeBoo line has been awarded Oppenheim Best Toy Awards and other honors. eeBoo are proud of the quality of their products and the care and thought that they put into everything we do. They spare no expense in the materials they use, the art they commission, or the time they put into every project. Their toys are durable and beautiful to look at. If you appreciate quality and are looking for unique children’s items that cannot be found everywhere, eeBoo could be just for you.

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